Semester • 1/2 credit • Elective • Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 • (This class is provided in partnership with Pickerington Schools and Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools to provide state-of-the-art training in IT.)

Information Technology (IT) Fundamentals is a foundation course designed for students to acquire the necessary IT skills for
their chosen careers. This course will expose students to all areas of IT that are needed in the world of work. The curriculum will introduce students to a variety of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Subject areas include computer applications (word processing, data bases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and presentation software), e-mail, programming, graphic design, Internet, web page design, multimedia and networking.

external image pdf.png Course Syllabus ITF.pdf

Class Calender

Dropbox Form

ITF Handouts

MIT App Inventor

Click the heading above to go to App Inventor

-You will need to create a Google Account to have access. If you do not already have one please do so before starting the assignments.

-You will need access to the App Inventor Document.

  • All Assignment Materials are in the ITF Dropbox Folder in the "Android App Assignment Materials" folder.

    • Download the "App Inventor" PDF from ITF Dropbox folder

      • Go to the appropriate chapter for assignment directions.

    • Download "App-Inventor-All-Example-Files" ZIP file for the material to complete the assignment from ITF Dropbox folder.

      • The Materials needed for the assignments are broken up by Chapter.

      • You WILL need these to complete all the assignments.

App Inventor Assignments

  1. Read the "Preface" and Chapter 1. Build the App in Chapter 1 and upload it to Dropbox.

  2. Read and Complete Chapter 2 and Upload it to Dropbox.
  3. Read and Complete Chapter 3 and upload it to Dropbox.


Assignment 1

Project: Roll-a-Ball

Assignment 2

Project: Space Shooter

Assignment 3

Project: Survival shooter

Assignment 4

Project: Stealth

Assignment 5

Project: 2D Roguelike

Stencyl Themes

Directions: Pick 4 Themes and make a game that is made with the theme in mind. When done go to "File => Export" in Stencyl and save the file in your Folder. Then take the exported file and put it in the Drop Box. Every game other 4 you will receive extra credit.

  1. Shooter
  2. Scroll Adventure
  3. Quiz
  4. Tower Defense
  5. Fantasy
  6. Training Card Game
  7. Racing
  8. Puzzle
  9. Endless Runners
  10. Platform

Adobe Reader Download

Resource: Blender 3D Design Course


1)external image pdf.png HTML and CSS.pdf



Flash Assignment #1

Flash Assignment #2:
Make a 10-20 sec animation that tells a story. Animation must be between 20-30 frames per second unless permission is given for less. Animation must be school appropriate. Export a flash video and turn it into Dropbox when you are finished.



How to turn in your wix site.....

  1. Publish your mobile site, Wix will give you a link.
    1. Take that copied link and go to and copy your link in to the box.
    2. Click "Generate Free"
    3. Save the QR Code image to your thaw space folder.
  2. Take your QR Code and copy it on to your Home page under a heading of "Mobile"
  3. Publish your Desktop page and copy that link.
    1. Take the copied link and paste it into a word document.
    2. Save the word document as "Last Name_First Name_WIX"
    3. Take saved word document and upload it to the "Wix" drop box folder inside of our class folder.


Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

Blender 3D Design - Online


Design Your Own Web



All Programs are Open Source and are free to download and use

===Archimedes - The Open CAD



===Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder



Blender 3D


===Celtx - Integrated Media Pre-Production



===GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program



===Google SketchUp



===Inkscape. Draw Freely.



===Nvu Web Authoring Software



===Pencil - a traditional 2D animation software



===Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing


Download - The Free and Open Productivity Suite